Welcome to The New Life System: Life-Centered that will be the Start of the new times for humanity and the planet. Better times in Health Individuality Unity

We are ending the old money-centered system: capitalism, as it has destroyed and exhausted our Earth: the planet we all call home; and the human body, mind and spirit.

The time has come to build anew to fit with our true nature: biology, culture, and ecology.


Here we focus on building the new, to replace the old:

> New Economy, Production, Democracy

> New Healthcare, Education, Society

> New Energy, Transport, Technology

EcoSystema is an ecosystem of ideas, innovations, technology, practice, and people designed to let every group to complement each other, rather than compete. 

EcoSystema is a free and open multi-platform resource that engineers, organizes and implements the paradigm change for The New [Socioeconomic] Life System. It is a democratic model for a new world-wide culture. It is a new shape for global cooperation and local governance. 

EcoSystema works by cooperating with common people, groups, communities, organizations, institutions, businesses, municipalities, and governments to coordinate, develop and operate the functions of a people’s society, and to implement and uphold the goals.  

EcoSystema is a true democratic structure (rule of the people by the people), thus control and leadership is handed to members of each region to lead their own local communities to create a beautiful life together.

The goal is to create a thriving regenerative culture, that's equal, inclusive, participatory, educated, ethical and empathic. A mature civil society among Nature and all Her inhabitants within the plant- and animal kingdom.

The mission is to always care, protect and ensure the needs and rights for humans, animals and ecosystems; and, develop and expand freedoms and resilience for humans, animals and ecosystems for a harmonious, enriched and fulfilling life in health, joy, self-expression, diversity, and co-existence on our shared planet Earth.

The vision is to make every day a positive life experience. A better world for all to thrive – today and future generations to come.  

Welcome and Join In with The New Life System: EcoSystema


The goal of life is always continuation of Life. That is why every being, animals as plants, are given an instinct to protect themselves and reproduce – to renew life. For without the continuation of things, all Life would be gone within a generation. There would be no more green forests, no more bird song, no more children’s play, and no more movement underneath the ocean bed. Instead, there would be nothing. What gives life to trees is the same thing that gives life to birds and to Us. That thing is energy. Just the One thing. It is not separate things, but only the same One thing.


Energy begets life. Energy powers all life and biological activity. In science (informative), the source of life is called energy. In religion (descriptive), it’s called spirit. Regardless of name, they are one and the same.  


Life is energy. Energy is always transformed, never created or destroyed. There is no start or end to it. It keeps on for eternity, for it circulates. The renewal of lifeforms is the transformation of energy – from the old body to the new body. This means, all life is One. There is no distinction, only different expressions of it – as in the green body of trees, the blue body of birds, and the body of Yours.

Health: Level of energy, to function, sustain and express Life

Individuality: Self-expression of Life as an original new form

Unity: The coming together from our interconnection and interdependence to co-create life-giving conditions to sustain living beings for Life to continue


Earth Was Created for Life

We need to be aware of Life for Life to continue. We need to be conscious of everyone’s value as they make our life possible – in health, individuality and unity. If you value your life, you must value all life; if you care for your life, you must care for all lives; and if you wish to live your life, you must let all lives live theirs.

If we kill living beings, animals as plants, we won’t let Life renew itself and continue. Soon enough, there will be nothing left.

What we do today will either lead to where there is not much life if we don’t value, care and let the forests, birds, children and oceans live; or, we can let Life continue renew itself and grow green forests, let birds fly above our heads, let children grow up, and let oceans sound with waves.

The meaning of Life is to experience life, and to express life so others also can experience Us – an original form of Life. Just as the different trees in the forest, the various birds in the sky, and people from all corners of this world are sharing their expressions and experiences of their living time with You, we also take part in Your experience and expression from your living time. Amazingly, our life becomes greater and richer than it ever could on its own.  

Life is truly One beautiful story with lots of colors, sounds and characters – each living their own adventure. We need to realize that we are part in the never-ending story – only when together!   


Togetherness as Oneness

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