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You make the Difference. The difference between today and tomorrow. 

What Is This About?

! The Will To Power 

Agency: this is your life - lead it, don't be led in blindness into disease, financial worries, and life regrets.  

Sensibility: consciousness as freedom

! The Great Refusal 

What it means to refuse participation in an immoral system - violent, discriminatory, etc,

Transition to The New Life System: eServices & eInstitutions

! This Is Important

Nothing in this world is more important than life; your life, and all Life. This is important to you! Keep reading if you care to know why to care, and how to know what is right and what to do for CHANGE.

Remember: the only advice for understanding a thing, is to spend enough time with the new thought, new word, new idea or information till you have understood their meaning/function and organized its place in the world. Everyone is capable of thinking and knowing, but the trick is to do it.


Moral Imperative: Life

For every cause, there is an effect. A positive effect results in a good/favorable outcome, and a negative effect does the opposite as it results in a bad/harmful outcome/consequence. To control the good outcome, we must ensure a positive effect by acting on the causative factor.

The only thing we can control in life, is our actions – what we choose to do. Meaning, we must make the right decision in our lives by choosing to act upon the thing (the causative factor) which produces a positive effect that results in the good outcome we wish for. And to make sure the outcome is not bad, we must make the right decision by choosing not to act upon a wrong thing which produces negative effects, or choose to remove or block a wrong from producing bad effects. 


For example: the choice to speak ill

Causative factor: saying hurtful words  Effect: a person gets negatively attacked, insulted and sad = Consequence: the person feels bad and cries due to emotional pain

If we wish not to make someone feel bad and in pain, we must choose not to act wrong.


Causative factor → Effect = Consequence


Moral is a sense of knowing, a sense of understanding and recognizing, if a state (situation of cause and effect) is right or wrong as it produces either a good or bad outcome. To stand by this sense of understanding, or principle of doing good, that guides our actions to distinct right from wrong to produce a consequence which we value and always wish for; is called to have moral values. Sometimes it is difficult to judge what makes a good or bad effect; hence, what was the right or wrong thing to do/choose to cause such effect. However, some morals are universal and are recognized by every person as true and valuable. They are undeniable for they are always good, even if one might not follow the principle.      


A moral imperative is something of value, always, that gets its significance regardless of who’s there to judge. Meaning, something has value, or something is the right/wrong thing to do always– no matter of someone’s subjective opinion or experience of it because it is logic in its own sense. A logic rule/moral imperative, stands independently, not in relation to anyone. Therefore, it is imperative (ruling) in its nature because it is always the truth which necessitates us to act accordingly to it at all times.

We base our reason (thinking) on the truth to evaluate what is the right/wrong thing to do/choose to cause good /bad effects. And, we base our actions on reason – our understanding of the right/wrong and the good/bad. 

Just as mathematics holds universal truths of structure, and 1 + 1 = 2 is always true (logic) regardless of anybody; the soul holds universal truths of life values regardless of anyone.

It’s always true that life is right, and anti-life is wrong. Life will always be good, for it is logic to us to value life for we wouldn’t exist otherwise. Therefore, it always makes sense to choose the things that cause positive effects resulting in good outcomes for our life, and the life of those we share our existence with. And, it always makes sense to not choose those things that cause negative effects on life which result in a bad outcome, such as injury or disease that might lead to suffering (bad life experience) or death (end of our or someone else’s existence).     

For example, the evaluation of the right thing to do that results in the right value (consequence) goes as follows:


A) If some math was done wrong, e.g. 1 + 1 = 3, we have a compelling will to correct it for we know 1 + 1 = 3 is untrue (illogical, of wrong value), and wrongs have negative consequences. For example, bad math that is used in the engineering of a building might lead to collapse, or bad math used in distributing food among a group of people will lead to unfair distribution

B) If some life situation was done wrong, e.g. a man strikes a child, we have a compelling will to instinctively correct it for we know for true that the child has a right to their own life that’s free from suffering no matter if the man agrees to it or not, and the wrong will have negative consequences. For example, the child might get hurt or die.

We understand that life is always right, and anti-life is always wrong. To save a life is just logic, for life is always of value. Therefore, the choice makes sense to take action and get involved to stop the man (causative factor) from beating (negative effect) to save the child’s health (life and health as a good outcome). 


We have within us a supreme principle of correcting wrongs, and standing by what is right and opposing evil, regardless if it will benefit us or not. The beauty of it, is that we do this by free individual choice. There is nothing that forces you to be nice to someone or save them from suffering or death, but you do it because you care to – you wish them good.


This free [good] will is spiritual as it always seeks to protect and extend Life out of understanding of its value and respect to the fragile gift of Life (existence).


Life is always an end in itself, and must be valued and treated as such, regardless of whose life it is – yours, your mother’s, your neighbor’s, the trees in the forests, or the birds in the trees. A life is always a life.

Good will: to want to prolong the continuation of good and right

Good will: to want to end the continuation of bad and wrong

>> The Golden Rule is to always act accordingly to your individual good will: If you want to be treated good or right, and escape evil and wrong, treat others how you wish to be treated and hurt not others with that which pains yourself.

The Golden Rule also insist that your wellbeing and freedom is dependent on someone else’s actions (you will never escape harm and wrong unless others choose to do good). It insists on our interrelationship and interdependence of good wills that are self-motivated and self-regulated.

There is a reason why all cultures across the world share the same fundamental value system that is based on the Golden Rule, for morals are inborn knowledge of truths in every human being. They are universal logical instincts of what is right, what has value, what gives purpose, and why it pains us to see wrong happen to things we care about. They are as instinctive as water is for thirst, air is for breathing, and hugs are for comfort and love. Good morals sustain our lives, they are instincts for protecting and prolonging our lives together.


Morals are instincts, intuitions, that developed from the observation of Cause  Effect = Consequence. Us humans have self-regulated our choices and improved our behavior and actions by the use of reason (thinking), and understanding (emphatic recognition from observation) of other persons’ experiences of some particular effects and their causes.

From the first humans who observed life and evaluated the consequences – what gives pleasure and security, and what causes pain and insecurity; this knowledge of good actions got imprinted in our DNA [the script of life] that is passed down through generations. For every generation who observes right/wrong, good/bad by using reason and making active choices that directs our behavior, our moral sense develops and strengthens. The human civilization is more moral today than it was 5000 years ago when children were killed as sacrifices for cultural ceremonials. Today, we know instinctively that it is wrong to kill children for it causes suffering and injures their health, and most of all impinges on their freedom to independent life which is always of value. This is common sense – we cannot take ownership of another being’s life. A life is not some property to be exploited for our own interest. And nobody deserves to go through suffering pain (physical, mental or emotional), and nobody deserves a bad life experience or their lifetime to be shortened

Right / True      

  • Freedom for Individual Life

  • Free Choice: self-control/leadership (autonomy)

  • Each Life has got inalienable intrinsic (inborn) value

  • Nobody deserves to experience pain or get their life shortened (killed)

Wrong / Untrue

  • Ownership, restricting someone else’s life by claiming it as property

  • Control Choice and lead over someone else for own interest

  • Devaluing Life. A living being is capitalized – valued only as a commodity in economic trade

  • To inflict pain (physical, psychological or emotional suffering) or end a life

We have natural instincts (intuitions or predispositions) to save us time from the process of redoing a thing for a common function to happen – as a thought process for evaluating Why it does us good to drink water when thirsty; Why is does us good to hug and show affection; and Why it is bad to destroy the soil that feeds us or kill a member of our social group in which we find security and love. 

! However, life conditions of today are not normal – life resources for our basic needs are only accessible by money. We live in a world where everyone is in constant state of survival and existential crisis; working to collect money to afford food and shelter every month. At the beginning of every month, a new cycle of survival impulse sets in. An average middle-class wage earner is two job salaries from being homeless and starving. We are living in a state of war of all against all, as we have separated from the unity that co-creates life-sustaining conditions for everyone. Immoral behavior and morals are not taken into consideration for the focus of one’s own good for survival over another person’s right to life when resources are scarce or made inaccessible due to the sum of your money in your pocket. 

When tired and stressed by work, and distracted by our unnatural urban environment and social events, we lose awareness of our observing voice of reason (logic thoughts) and sense of instincts (subconscious guidelines for good actions such as morals).

Unfavorable life circumstances will also justify bad moral actions for your own survival over another person. Bad or ignorant things are also justified by the actions of others – “they did it, then I can too for they cannot think wrong.”
Individual thinking/evaluation to make the right choice and action is not common anymore, instead things are justified by the group action and group behavior which means that the thinking process to evaluate if something was right or wrong was skipped ahead to the group conclusion: action/behavior.
An intrinsic part of being human is doing good for our human group. Even though we always wish good for our group, and wish to believe that other humans do the same (always choose to do good) – that is not the case since all crises of today and past history were made by wrong thinking and bad choices. Such faithfulness and loyalty to the group thinking/intelligence and choice of action instead of independent thinking and choice of action, has gotten us in big wrong situations where war and killings are justified and accepted because some group said it was right, and no one questioned if it is true to have a right to kill regardless of motive. (Answer: No)  

The world has lost its spirit of good will. It is in a place where evil and wrongdoings are not corrected, but given space to continue without any compelling will to end it.

! Humanity has lost its soul that values Life always, and that is why millions of people are dying every year because we value money more than human beings and wont share food and shelter with them unless they have money for it. Trillions of animals are tortured and slaughtered in factories for we value the pleasure of how their bodies taste instead of their lives. And, the Earth is poisoned and destroyed to create material things we believe have more value than our life-giving planet.  


The Meaning of LIFE is to Create Value That Supports Our Limited Lifetime in

Health  Individuality Unity

for Us to Experience LIFE and Ensure Its Continuation –

Not Destroy Its Value That Gives Us Meaning

We Are Our Own Creation or Destruction – By Free Choice

Nevertheless, we must stand by our morals at all times, and redo the thinking process of evaluating the value of Life which we seem to have forgotten about. We must stand true for what is right, for what we do defines who we are. To talk about right – but do wrong = is illogical by inconsistency. To improve and progress, we must be consistent in what we say and what we do.

We Are What We [Personally Choose To] Do

It is a moral imperative to relieve All from pain and suffering, to secure survival and happiness for All, and to ensure a good and fulfilling life for All generations. It is an unquestionable necessity that calls for action.

We must let our shared moral values connect us together, for the love of ourselves, fellow beings, common origin and universal spirit. 

To stand by the right thing, to do the right thing when others do wrong, regardless who you are, where you’re from, or your subjective opinion or experience of a matter; is called integrity. It means to be true to your core and show [self-]respect to your source – Life. Integrity is to be true and resolute to your value system that defines who you are, even when circumstances changes the environment and our faces as time ages it.  

We must let reason and our pure spirits who knows what is true in life lead us. We have done too much wrong, and allowed wrong doings to happen just by being passive (inactive). Only when we start acting according to our morals, then, and only then, will we find peace within ourselves and among other beings.

Peace and Happiness is When What You Think,

What You Say


What You Do Are in Harmony





Activism: to correct a wrong and do right

Activism is to take action to correct a wrong and to do right, i.e. to bring justice to yourself, or someone or something that has an intrinsic (inborn) right to independent life. For we hold Life sacred and of greatest value above all.   

Justice Is What Love Looks Like in Public

Love is appreciation of those things we hold valuable. All life is valuable, always. Love is only One, for Life is the same One thing.   

Knowledge is Power

You cannot free yourself if you don’t know that you are unfree.

You cannot defend yourself if you don’t know that you are being fooled.

You cannot improve your health if you don’t know what’s healthy.

You cannot be independent if you don’t know anything about yourself and the world.

To Know Life is To Know Yourself

Systemic Life – Systemic Thinking

No problem exists in isolation, not even your personal life. Life is connected. Everything is related to one another. To learn about yourself, you must learn what makes you You. 


– System Biology: Health

– System Culture: Individuality

– System Ecology: Unity 

To Know Better – To Do Better – To Live Better


Why To Care: The Crisis of Civilization

– Your Personal Crisis

The universal goal, or outcome, every single person on this globe desire, is a long life in wellbeing, freedom and happiness. To produce these outcomes, [causative factors] basic needs for survival must be covered. You cannot live in health, freedom and joy, if you don’t have food to eat, a warm house to sleep in, a safe neighborhood to live in, and social opportunities for your mobility and freedom to thrive and develop into the person you care to be. This we all agree to. Every single person strives for this: food security, energy security, environment and climate security, job security, social stability – for today and every day to come.


These causes/impacting factors have direct effect on our bodies. If any of these factors that have direct impact on us would change for the worse, then we would be affected by them for we are dependent on them for our survival.  

True fact: Food Insecurity



True fact: Energy Insecurity



True fact: Environment and Climate Insecurity



True fact: Job Insecurity



True fact: Social Instability


? – On which side of the world do you stand? Are you sure your location is stable: food security, energy security, climate security, job security?

? – How do you know if it is the better side – for the world is changing, rapidly: the environment, economy, climate, mass migration (due to climate change and wars over resources), unemployment due to automatization of jobs by the private industry? 


! –You can’t.


= If you care to secure your survival -health, living standard and future opportunities- regardless of location, you must care to secure the entire world. For we are:

One World. One Environment. One Human Civilization. One Ecosystem.

System Damage, Dysfunction, Collapse

The system is not broken, it was built this way. It was built to separate people from each other and turn them against one another to be distracted from the real system; to privatize public resources and services to sell them back for a high price – a price you must work all day and all years to afford; to manipulate and deceive the public for the interest of the elite (corporate owners) by owning and controlling the media, advertisement and educational institutions; to deplete the Earth and kill Her living animals and trees to make capital for the economy to grow infinitely; to dump waste and toxins in the soil, and spray the food with chemicals that disease our bodies for us to buy expensive medical drugs. This is no coincidence, but a very ugly design made to profit a few on the expense of the mass. Your life is a commodity, capitalized only as work force to power the economy for the rich. We’ll die before we can afford to be free.


None of this is done personally to you. But it is a system with bad intentions, set up to only benefit a small group over another group (the majority).

Your disease is not the problem, but only the outcome. The problem is the causative factors. If you have no control of the source and quality of the causative factor, such as quality food for positive health effects, then the real problem is the system that produces and provides the food choices – the producers of food, distributors, and price setters. Disease caused by bad food choices are not personal (subjective), but general. So, the problem is general – systemic.

History: origin of hierarchical system and division of people


The consecutive struggle of the people throughout history, has been about access to those products that enables health and a good life. Some social group (class) has a bit more, some others have less. Still, the problem is not between the people, but between the people and those who own the means of production and land (property).

In the beginning of human civilization, all land was common. It was not owned (taken as private property), for the obvious reason that no one can own Nature for She nurtures all lives and to take some of Her gifts for oneself will deprive others. But then stupid people got greedy and violent. Those who controlled the fruit trees people ate from and the space where people lived, found themselves in control over other living beings that now depended on their permission to access the fruit tree and shelter. Those people lost their independence and freedom as they needed to pay the owner with labor or other things that he wanted. The owner could now get fat and be served with whatever he wanted by those common people, without having to do it for himself. It was a strategical move to benefit him on others by establishing trade.

First it was tribal leaders who controlled the group of people. As societies grew, “God appointed” kings ruled over the people who were fooled that he was kind enough to share his God-given fortune with them, only if they farmed the land for him and did services to maintain and protect their home border (“nation”). Then kings where replaced by lords as land owners and “care-givers” who gave the peasant the opportunity to live and feed their family on their “private” land. Eventually, lords were replaced for corporate owners as private land owners and care-givers (job employers who gives you -the worker- the opportunity to live and feed your family off their business).

As time has passed, for many thousands of years, where the human society keeps growing and keeps believing the old story the first owner told the people he controlled – “you need me to live a good life”, we have not questioned if we actually need that one man (or small group) who wrongly taken public land as their own to give back only for a price (labor + time = money).

The means for survival are only accessible by money, in this human society. Money is not real – it’s a fictional instrument for trade in the economic system. Still, money is valued more than a human life, or any life for that matter, in this distorted life system. The social/life system has been reformatted for an economic system – only for trade. If you as a person in this system have nothing to trade for (money that you have collected from working all days, every day of your life for another person), then you cannot take part of this system. Your life is then suppressed; oppressed by the very system in the most violent way – restricting the factors for health, survival and social participation. 


The consistent error in history that failed Us time over again, was the vertical/hierarchical system structure of society. Those who own things and have more money, will have greater access to the system and will control and rule over those who have less: 

  • kings, lords > peasants

  • slave owners > slaves

  • corporate groups > worker groups

  • rich class > middle class

  • middle class > lower class

  • lower class > poor, homeless, migrants

  • developed nations > underdeveloped nations

  • majority > minority

  • high cast > low cast

  • white people > brown, yellow, black people

  • heterosexuals > homosexuals, LGTBQ

  • men > women 

  • humans > animals and environment     


= systemic violence and discrimination over the oppressed and exploited group. Whomever you are, you will always be part in one group that is oppressed and exploited. A lot of people are part in many groups. As long as the system is structured this way (top-down, vertical), you will never be able to free yourself and self-determine your life as the one above you will dominate over you. The available life choices (food, jobs, education, city design, etc.) are provided from the top group, for you at the bottom to take a pick at. Life choices may be a few varied things to choose from, but they often don’t address your interest – only the interest of the top group to remain private ownership, accumulate money, and centralize power. You are not part in influencing and co-creating the available choices in this society for your interest. You are just a consumer of the choices provided by the top group.

History has always repeated itself, for the hierarchical system never changed: private ownership of land, resources and means of production, and accumulation of capital  (gold, money and property), and centralization of power is the infection that never left the body.

The opposite to hierarchical (vertical), is lateral (horizontal) – where every living being stands next to each other, never one above. Where every living being self-leads and self-determines, never be led or forced. The social system requires a Total Change, otherwise history is doomed to repeat itself.


Undemocratic Economic system = Undemocratic Life system

The greatest exploitation that has been fought over every century, is the right to one’s own labor.

The people who work create value by their labor. But based on this ignorant concept of one-man ownership, the workers don’t get to keep any of what they produced as it is given away to the business owner. Instead, the worker is only compensated with an hourly price of his/her time and energy that was put into the labor. 

All the people who cooperate and collectively create products or value by their labor are the true owners of the business. They realize the business. Without them, there would be no business. Meaning, all those who work to realize the business are the co-owners of their work. It is egalitarian worker’s-rule at work. 

Humans Are the Only Earthlings Who Pay to Live on This Planet

Humans are the only living beings who waste their lives (energy and time) to afford access to the fruits that feeds them, when in nature it would have been available and free to all. Free access can only be made by shared public ownership.

Human Are the Only Earthling Who Cuts Down the Tree That Feeds Them

Linear Economic System: exponential financial growth (from endless production) on a limited planet, has destroyed and depleted near all natural resources, and now there is not much left. Soon, there will be nothing.

The linear economic theory is illogic, flawed calculation. One cannot have infinite growth on a finite planet. It doesn’t add up. 

We take, more than we need in this greedy society. We overproduce and overconsume. We trash more than we use. We dump the waste in Nature, which gets poisoned, diseased and now She is dying. Her death is our death. We cannot eat money, we eat the fruits from Her trees, the air produced by Her forests, and the water from Her rivers. What Will You DO When She Is Gone? Money is not real. Nature is very real, but now very sick.

Society and Economy is Just an Illusion: man-made invention

A social and economic system theory that is based to structure and organize people and nature, is just an idea. A man-made theory is just an idea; a concept; an illusion. It is not absolute and real, as you are or the trees. What is absolute universal truth, is Life.

Man-made ideas = Man-made problems


All the misery in this world is not inevitable, but only the side-effect of a cheated idea made up by the ruling group that this life is the only way to live. They reward and assure us, the people, that it is good when the “economy” is progressing for you to keep an extra dollar. This social consciousness is delusional. When the ruling group who own and control our source of information -media and educational institution- then our world perception will be twisted. Who told us we need to work for others, and be OK with it for you to get two days for yourself (weekend) while giving away five days for creating money for another person–?

Nevertheless, people have never been fine with this. Every person throughout history feels that this is not a purposeful life; to live only for endless work and some money that disappears just as fast as they arrive the first day of the month. This system does not meet the needs and requirements for our human nature. This is the simple reason Why there always has been a clash between people and the ruling system through history, as humans are restricted to experience life and self-express their innate caring and social nature. This system has separated humans from their natural biology, nature of humanity and society, and separation from the natural environment. Consequently, this damage results in sickness of the body, mind and soul. People are sick to the core. All of us. None of it is right. In fact, this system disrespects the gift of life. Such negligence is most irresponsible.

There is no question that a mature, intelligent civilization will re-write the social and economic theory to be centered around All Life.

All That is Needed is to ReOrganize the System of Our Design

Life System: Money-Centered Life System: Life-Centered

Private Ownership Public Ownership 

Trade System Gift System

Linear Economy  Circular Economy

Human Labor Automatization

Hierarchical Power Lateral Power

Autocratic work Democratic work

Big Centralized Government Local Government

Disease. Oppression. Separation Health. Individuality. Unity

EcoSystema is a Structure for Organizing Life:

Health Individuality Unity

EcoSystema is The New Life System – Lateral Power, where all humans stand beside each other, none above. All land and resourced belongs to all, naturally. It is a Circular System, where we humans finally align with our natural origins – Nature. A circular system is eternal. A linear system has an end; and we are soon reaching it unless we get involved and change it.

Now is the time to be active in this change; join action, become an activist: 

– Health Activist

Social Activist

Eco Activist 

Take your place in this lateral system, be a champion of change and lead and teach till everyone stand next each other in hands facing the same direction – A Better Future.

! Time is Dire

We have no time to be bystanders and have good faith in people in suites and offices. Circumstances such as epidemic of chronic diseases and cancer, job losses, financial instability and crashes, national and social insecurity, food and energy scarcity, and destruction of the environment, annihilation of animal life and ecosystems, and extremely dangerous climate changes will not wait for political opinions. The facts are very real, and very scary.

! Action Must Be Taken Today

Small steps will no longer get us to where we need to go. So we need to leap. The system is not broken, it was built this way. Therefore, this system cannot be fixed. We need to re-write and restructure our personal and social practices to fit the narrative we care to live: a life in wellbeing, independence, and togetherness.

! Making Dreams a Reality

There is no valid excuse for not building new infrastructure projects that would unlock the new future of sustainability, wellbeing, fairness, abundance, peace and happiness.

The developmental plans are outlined on this website, categorized under Health Individuality Unity 

The only thing You have to do is get involved in your own personal life...! 


How to Make a Change: Join in & Get Involved



Personal Change  System Change Global Change  

The system is made up and upheld by the individual: social and economic relationships.

The Change is a new practice, by You and everyone else.


Technological breakthroughs have made sustainable living within reach. For example, it is now feasible to get 100% of electricity from renewable resources, and within a few decades we could have a 100% clean economy – worldwide. 

We have the technological means, we just need to put it into practice.


To throw money at a thing never fixes matters. We need practice. 

It is essential that the actions, development and practices are done well and completely. For this we need focused, precise and thorough action that is supervised to ensure its implementation and quality. Any change must involve the community it affects, in the decision making and development.  

Join In!


EcoSystema is a global network that organizes health and life. Still, health and life is practiced by You. Join the making of better health, environment and life on our life-giving planet Earth. It is just as much your creation as ours. Get involved in the social and ecological community we all share.

Get Empowered – Take Action – Unite – Collaborate

Participate and engage other members in your life – family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, businesses, organizations. Take leadership of your private network to empower people around you and make them take leadership of their network. Invite and involve, to unite into one – EcoSystema

Support Each Other – Co-Create – Move Forward Together

We need every mind and hand possible. If you have no skills, we’ll teach you. If you’re already organized in a group or business with special skills, please share your knowledge with us to spread it across. 

Health Justice – Social Justice – Environmental Justice

Be Active!


Activism is to do right by the moral imperative:

Life is always right – Anti-life is always wrong

To do right, correct a wrong: Regenerative Politics (protest in forms of mobilizing self-action: rebuild broken roads, build homes and schools, infrastructure, etc.)

To resist wrong, prevent wrong: Resistance Politics (non-compliance with current institutions and groups/non-participation/non-violent action)

Activism: in any form, any group, any event, any institution – personal, work, school, neighborhood, city, international

EcoSystema is an idea, not a business structure. Every person and group is a leader, agent and authority. Make sure that You take the lead for the changes you care about.

Invite Your Circle to the EcoSystema Community


Invite friends, family, co-workers, neighborhood, or your entire city council to join a unified organization that models the new future for you and everyone you care about. Your health relies on their health and actions. Join the global fellowship, be a local leader!

Bottom-Up Change

Do not ask for change, but be the change! 


Most of times, the government doesn’t know what to do or if things are worth the investment. The government is in need of innovators and pioneers, engineers and dedicated regular people to lead the way by showing How, and What you as a people care about and find important.  

Many things are about to change, so be original and creative, and always adhere to greatest sense of reason and precaution, and values of EcoSystema.

For example:

– Build a food garden in your neighborhood by involving your community and co-fund and co-manage it.

– Organize people to meet one or two days every week to clean up the trash in your city.

– Plant some green trees and flowers in your area where nature’s been destroyed for grey concrete and asphalt.

– Organize and restore the children’s school building to be safe, fun, and inspiring for education.

– Put up hand-made traffic signs where speeding cars often travel.

= Be Creative. Do Anything!


Inform, involve and mobilize people for these things, and document the changes and improvements and make them public. Let everyone know that change is possible and easy to make. It is just a matter of will. Pressure your representatives in government to make comprehensive changes in policies to match the goals, mission, vision, and value principles of EcoSystema that will be your local EcoSystema–Community.

Public Demand  Policy Change

What to Demand:

a) Divestment: divestment in business and practices that destroy health, communities, environment and freedom. Divest from big corporations such as big oil, big agra-business, big pharma, etc.


b) Investment: in infrastructure and projects of EcoSystema: HealthIndividuality Unity for local implementation of a democratic, self-sustaining, resilient, holistic, sustainable, just and health-promoting life system that answers to all the needs, not only to survive but to thrive.  

c) Transparency: demand that every transaction is recorded and viable for the public. Corruption is real and everywhere, even non-profit organizations. Transparency only mean to hold each other accountable, which is the least we can do to make sure good is happening.    


d) Control: influence and stewardship. Ethics and unity

Run for Office

If present politicians won’t listen and meet your needs, run for office. Back each other to ensure the politics is for you, not the politicians and industries.

Communalism: self-governance – break free. The old structure of imperial, national and state boarders are absolving. The new is of municipality.

Local Power & Governance – Local economy – Local Life

Be the Change You Care to See – Who Knows What Miracles You Can Achieve When You Believe

How things Change: our power is in numbers

#1 Wave of Change: Active People! – driven by what is right and good, to do right and good for themselves and others.

#2 Wave of Change: conforming to popularity.  


#3 Wave of Change: when change has been established, then the rest of the people will convert by acceptance of the new reality.

Example of fast change, one generation to the next:




Principles of Action

The principle is to put Life first. The action is to care and motivate others to put Life first as well. When good people become aware of the injustice, and understand that their direct or indirect support of a bad system by their practice or purchasing power (money) is contributing to the injustice done to themselves, other people, animals and environment; then Change will be from a conscious united people.

Life is co-created. Everyone needs to be involved. When every person starts to care and take self-leadership over their own lives, then there will be no trash to pick up after others, no sadness to comfort from thoughtless words of another, no worry of hunger when every share is fair out of care, and no loneliness or fear of strangers when every man and woman greet and share a talk as friends for just a minute or a day without an end.


Start with the Man in the Mirror: You

In the words of Michael Jackson: “I’m starting with the man in the mirror. I’m asking him to change his ways. No message could have been any clearer: if you wanna make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and then make a change.” 

Society is made up by the individual who has their own life network of home, family, routines, work, friends, stores and shops they tend to visit. When every person starts caring for and influencing their life network, then all of society will be cared for and changed. It is a great ripple effect that sets in, only when people become aware and conscious of their actions and relationships.

Start with your network:

  • Food and personal products

  • Clothes, material objects

  • Transportation; cars, bicycles, metro

  • Electric company, Telecom company

  • Grocery stores

  • Bank and Insurance company

  • Work and everyone you come across on your job hours 

  • The streets you walk on, and the people you meet on the way

  • Your family and friends

  • Home and all products and things inside

  • Influence: advertisements, magazines, ignorant TV shows, etc.


Become aware of what impacts on your health – physical, mental and emotional. Only keep around organic toxic-free products, positive people, get rid of things that take space and your focus of attention, and rid of devaluing and dumbing down popular cultural stuff.

Every day we make some kind of impact on our health, people, the culture or economic market. Food and personal products which the big industry produce are the most prominent factors that sustains this corporate economic system, diseased culture and environmental destruction.


Remember: you vote with your money, and you participate with your word and presence.

To make some difference for your health, independence, the city you live in and this world, it is not enough to just take 5 minutes’ sorter showers, or not eat meat just on Mondays. A better future means a better lifestyle and attitude: the ways we treat and talk to each other and ourselves, and the ways we do things like making a habit to always bring a fabric bag for grocery shopping, and a glass bottle for water instead of buying a plastic.


Change must come from within; self-motivation from better understanding of holistic and sustainable living, and kindness of heart. You must understand, rationally and emotionally, that what you are doing to yourself and others have either a positive/healthful or negative/destructive effect. By being conscious of what things are made of -food and personal products- we are less likely to pollute our bodies and the environment our lives depends on.


Ignorance is the foremost hinder of change for a new system, so start by caring of yourself and knowing yourself. Get educated and informed:

Health Literacy

Self Literacy

Eco Literacy


Kill hate with kindness. Whenever opposite polarities meet, reach out to the person or group and first find common ground (usually universal rights and truths). Then on agreement, engage in objective discussion of conflicting ideas. Base all engagements on love and compassion. Learn to understand each other’s justification (reason); why people react at matters (e.g. fear and insecurity of their safety over basic need: food, jobs, opportunities, cultural identity, etc.). Some people are just the product of their (unkind or limited) environment. So be kind and share unlimited of yourself.

Heal the separation by asking yourself and others: What is it like to be you? What gives value to your time spent on this Earth? What do you really care about? What is the purpose of your efforts?


People who never self-examine themselves and Life, will not find a reason for its worth; subsequently, they will never find a reason to be healthy (body and mind), think and lead independently, or unite with people and Nature. They will never create real value, which is why they are afraid that others might take the things (external means: jobs, home, car, culture, ideology, etc.) for their unreasonable values (external ends: accumulation of money and property, socioeconomic class, pride in association with cultural or religious things or practices, etc.). 

Understand Why people give reason for the valuable things in their life, not How they will get things of value. The answer to everybody’s Why are often the same, but often forgotten.

Life experiences gives value to life, therefore, include everyone in experiences that gives them value to their life and reasons to value health, knowledge, and community, and most of all to value time (the span of one’s lifetime). Time that will be spend on good things that have value in themselves, not on means (things) for an end.


To you who reads this: understand your power of agency in this world. Understand that you can create circumstances for valuable experiences, and lead reason for another person with an open dialogue. To make an impact is easy – just create space and conditions for good things, and good things will become. 


To be kind to one life, but cruel to another is wrong.


If you care to live in a kind world without tears of pain and sorrow, remember that humans are not the only ones who experience happiness and pain. Other non-human animals may not speak the human language, but they surely can communicate with each other and with us in other ways than of the tongue. Other non-human animals are just as sensitive and conscious as humans, so any torture and terror will be equal as torture and terror is for You.

So, stand by the Golden Rule and don’t support industries who makes a business of animal lives, by boycotting their products and choosing a vegan alternative:

– Animal Agriculture (animal bodies and secretion: meat, dairy, eggs)

– Fashion (animal skin: leather, fur, feathers, wool) 

– Cosmetics and Science research (animal testing)  

=   Always Value All Lives – For LIFE is One


Demand businesses to pay fair wages for workers. Boycott and shame those who don’t. Fair pay to every worker (man as woman) also result in a more stable society where crimes due to poverty drops substantially. 


To sustain life on this planet forever, we must create positive effects that do good to the health of everyone, for us and others to grow and regenerate. But before anything, we must remove the causative factors with negative effects, otherwise any effort will be ruined. 

1) Remove bad things – Replace with good things 

Remove toxic products out of the circulation. For example: sustainability does not include recycling toxic plastic material, but to remove completely from the circulation of use and replace it with other non-toxic material. Replace with alternatives, such as fabric bags, glass jars, etc. Collect and remove.


2) Repair and Restore 

For example, your health with nutritious food; your neighborhood with construction work; ecosystems and animal life by planting flowers to restore the bee population that almost has gone extinct which we depend on to pollinate our crops.


3) Create a System to Care & Maintain 

A regenerative culture that do good and benefit from the good. A balance between give and take.

Lift Your Energy

The source of everything is energy. Without energy in our bodies, everything will become a burden. So, focus on strengthening your health and elevating your energy with good food, exercise, good people and laughs. Help each other out and lessen the burdens in life, such as joining in with friends to pick up each other’s children from the same school, or get together to start exercise or cook dinner together.

Remind People What is Important in Life

Verbal and non-verbal communication: conversations, tell a personal story, sing or play an instrument, pick up trash from the street, smile, give hugs, be helpful, wear the tricolor symbol of EcoSystema everywhere to show you are a proud member of The New Life System: Life-Centered in Health Individuality Unity   

Be Heard – Be Seen

It’s time to make common sense sound louder than nonsense; on social media, on the street, in the pub, at work or school. Important issues must be repeated till they are dealt with, even if it makes some people uncomfortable or bored. This is not a game or movie, these crises of health, society and environment are real.

Be passionate, and involve others to make it their passion. This is equally their life as yours, but progress can only be done together.

Take One, Give Two Back

We’re in a state of transitioning, one foot in the future and one foot in the present. Not all things will change overnight. To break the negative cycle of destruction and depletion of natural resources, make sure not to reduce it. If cutting a tree, plant two or more to replace it. To break the cycle of negative thinking or talking, as you or other people might take away one kind thing, be sure to compensate with two kind ideas or words to replace the loss. ++ Be positive + + 


Voluntary Cooperation

Don’t wait for permission to get together to do good for yourselves. The establishment is run by the corporations, and will often times not listen to public demands – for the public interest is not business interest. If there is a hole in the road – go out and fix it; if the public school is short on teachers – go out and teach; if there is commercial advertisement polluting the public space – go out and cover it with art; if the streets are filthy with garbage – go out and pick it up!

Take control, cut dependency from the centralized power. Take leadership, organize and mobilize action. Don’t wait to be served, but be the creator of the life and society you want to live in.

Important: never confront police or military, for they only intervene and respond to violence. Know your rights before embarking in activism. Never do harm, practice reason, love and non-violence.  

A = Autonomy O = Order. Order will come out of self-leadership and self-regulation.


Educate yourself, and spread information; spread ideas; invite people to join the action to reach the goal we all share: health, sustainability and freedom. 


Transform your front or back yard into a vegetable garden. And transform the public park into a food park – fruit and vegetables. Food is a basic right, and basic rights ought never be capitalized. Make food free, abundant and available to all.

Ride Your Bike

Buy one, use it. Best investment ever in free transportation.  Collect money to help families or school children who need financial aid to buy bicycles for their members. Or, share bicycles. Co-ownership – Co-use: Bike-Pool


Say Hello! Ask if anyone needs help? Share a smile, share a moment, share an idea, or just share a laugh – everywhere; on the street by the stoplight, in the grocery store, at work, on the commute. We all share common space, there is no sense in being alone around thousands of people. We are all friends who’ve yet not been introduced. So, say Hi! to remind everyone we are a big social family who live together.   

Fight Industries

Push and pressure your governmental representatives to safeguard your health and environment by voicing your public demands. If not helped, replace them! Remove them from office. People need people representatives for the public interest, not business representatives for the financial interest.

Renewable Energy

Make a one-time investment, alone or together with your neighborhood, to purchase renewable energy machines. Free energy = Less Bills. Free yourself from electricity costs and anti-environment corporations in oil and gas.


Recycle everything! If you are unable to digest plastic, metal, glass, or whatnot, then Nature can’t either. Make sure to not mix materials as general garbage for burning, so we can reuse them and save the Earth from depleting her resources and poisoning Her air, water and soil. Recycle food waste for compost. We need to recycle the vital minerals to make mineral-rich soil for us to grown nutrient-rich food. Recycle clothes to reduce production of cotton.

Reduce Consumption

Stop buying things that are not absolute necessary. Swap clothes with friends, use less paper tissue and fresh water.

Go Organic, Go Local

Toxic-free environment and body for a disease-free life. Only buy toxic-free products, natural and organic.

Support your local economy by buying local products and produce.


No Big Corporations

Boycott completely big corporations. Their business and financial power come from us consumers. Do not support them with your money. Here is a list of corporations to stay away from: (insert list)

Start a Co-Op

If the only available alternative is Big Industry, then go together with people from your community and start a local cooperative business that address the needs of your community, while keeping the money local to civil life.

Work Place

Demand your human rights – health security (job environment), income security (co-ownership), etc. Unionize and support each other.

A fair living wage must be relevant to the price of living. Health is imperative, so ensure you have access to a healthy work environment, social group, kitchen for food preparation or healthy meals (not vending machines or fast food). Human rights (health) trumps any other rights (financial).

If demands and your rights are inadequately met, quit your job and join a group of people with the same interest and open a co-operative. Be your own boss. Co-ownership is the only way of doing business. Get help for your initial investment funds at KickStart crowd-funding.

Educating Children/The New Generation

Everyone is capable of thinking and feeling.

Given the health, economic and environmental crises that we find ourselves in today, we cannot afford avoiding uncomfortable topics or sugar-coating facts. We need to be frank with ourselves and the children. These children will in 10-15 years put you into account for your actions for not doing enough for a collapsing world, and teaching them to live healthfully and consciously. Let us not ignore the mistakes that have been made, for every generations to redo them. The first step is to become aware of them, their effects and our part in it all.

Educate children and involve them in everything you do – shopping and cooking healthy food, food gardening, cleaning up the streets from trash, caring for other citizens, how to think independently by questioning and verifying facts, how to talk/argue in a sound dialogue, how to listen, how to cooperate and compromise. Involve the friends of your child, their parents, the cousins, and the school teacher. Show and share your progress to on social media.


Parents: learn kids how the world works, why things happen and what makes a good/bad effect in our bodies, community and environment. Involve your children in this world. Children are many times better than adult to care and know what is right/true in life. They are developing adults in size small, so treat them as self-thinking adults. Educate them how to think, do not tell them what to think. Educate them about natural science – our world, environment, and body. Let them help out and practice simple tasks that nurtures empathy, care, responsibility, and cooperation; such as gardening the food farm, cleaning up waste from public places, etc.

Co-parent: share care and sitting of children with a group, to relieve the burden of childcare and stress. Help each other out with parenting, cooking meals, driving, etc. Friends are family you choose. There is no difference between the need and feelings of your neighbor’s child and yours. Kids don’t separate and discriminate, so don’t either in your care and generosity.

Get involved in the education system and management: get involved in the management of the school education and lunch meals, to ensure that your child is not getting sick (physically, mentally or emotionally) from the food or social environment. School impacts a child’s life and development immensely, and will withstand throughout their adult life.


Public demand  Social change 

Parent demand  Education change


Organize, mobilize and DEMAND from your child’s school to reform and restructure to meet educational and health demands. Support the teachers, and participate in any ways needed.

If schools do not comply, take children out and use eEducation classes and textbooks.



Fake It till We Make It

Improvise change if not being allowed to. If the city will not meet the wishes and demands of the public, do carry on anyway (with great precaution and reason, please). For example: if there are no bike lanes, buy some paint and draw a line only for bikers to use. Inform (why/how/what), support and secure everyone while at it. It can be temporary and supervised, to document the situation and share it on social and mainstream media.


Don’t overthrow the police or politician, but overthrow the industries. Industries pay politicians, who in turn pay the police. Cut dependency on the industry (providers), by producing your own food, energy, health services, education, etc. Erect new local business and separate from the old system, till the new system is permanent. 

Be Kind to All

To people on the street or online on the internet; to animals; to plants and trees; to our sacred soil, air and water; and to yourself. We are all connected. We all have an impact on each other. Create positive effects, and do no harm. Be the change you want to see. Be that Change today and every day.  

EcoSystema is a platform at your service, helping you get informed, organize events, mobilize people to rebuild and develop. Make sure to use it liberally. 

MOBILE APP: safe and secured mobile app to organize, mobilize, communicate – private or in mass. Radio, Online and Telecom.

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Disclaimer: by no means does EcoSystema want to disrupt peace and order among people and communities. Any doing shall be in accordance to international rights and law. EcoSystema renounces responsibility for individual members who cause harm to themselves or others, break laws or property.

In addition, all text is for informational purpose only. No claims are being made.

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