EcoSystema is creating a new socioeconomic life system by reinventing social and financial institutions:  decentralized and public-driven. 

EcoSystema is a multi-source platform and bank of knowledge, providing online (e-based) services such as eHealth[care] for personal use and local application. It is up to every local community to create and develop a functioning service connected with the e-based systems here. By connecting local life, e.g. connecting personal vehicles (cars, bikes) to the eTransport system or regional medical workers to the eHealth system, Social and Economic Systems can be personalized to local life and region, and thus be best adapted to the needs and means of the community and its members. 

EcoSystema is a model structure to build and customize social, economic, cultural, and ecologic life. It is a universal life system, to personally customize after local fashion. 

The main agenda is connecting people, businesses, and communities with EcoSystema for them to co-create and apply the new system of life.

Projects In The Making 

eProfile System

eInstituions, such as eHealth, eEducation, eBank.

Health Literacy

Educational Book: The Nature of Beauty & Health

Health Literacy for System Biology


Coordinate co-sourcing, all businesses, organizations, communities and private persons to develop solutions and technology.

Health Factors

> Food: farming – private, community

> Energy: renewable – solar, wind, water

> Communication Means: Internet. IT-hardware & software

> Transport: eco-friendly and health-promoting – bicycles, electric public transportation

Community Organization

Organizing and mobilizing members for local initiatives and development around the every region and citizens.


Means & Resources

Change will not wait for big financial investments or government policies to suddenly, and finally, come to their senses and care for the people, environment and planet as a whole.


EcoSystema is created by the people, led by the people, and made for the people and every other being that shares our planet.

Life and society is a practice; way of doing and organizing yourself with others. They are not things to be owned and controlled by a small entitled group, but are creations and natural rights of every member. To make positive changes for yourself is a universal right, and a duty for your self-worth and respect. Anyone who opposes positive change is profiting from the negative system that is money-centered. Here at EcoSystema you exercise your democratic rights, as people-power and social influence that is supported by international law: Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Important Reminder

The national government is an organization made to administer for its members (citizens). People are sovereign by nature, but join in a democratic society to guarantee and develop conditions to exercise these inalienable human rights. This partnership, agreement, between the free people and the State of the society is called the Social Contract. Obligations are dependent upon this contract, agreement, among the members and the State to form the society in which we live. Any violation against these natural rights, abuse or misuse of public resources and the people’s power by their representatives, is a breach of the Social Contract and members are no longer obliged to follow the agreements. In such instance, the legitimacy of the authority of the State over the individual has ended, thus the discontinuity of that union/partnership and the halt of rule of law. People are not bound to the big government or nation, for that would be some type of confinement or slavery as people are used only as means to an end for the State (people who rule it and benefit financially by it, or the social class that are unaffected by the violations). To force people to stay in a system that does not serve or safeguard their rights and life, is violence against their health, free will and universal rights. Such State is authoritarian and undemocratic. To have electoral processes is not the real definition of democracy, and it does not make a State legitimate if every other influence and power is restricted. As of today, there is no true or valid democracy (the rule by the people for the people), but the people’s power has been given away to a small ruling group (government members) who instead of answering to the interest of the people, they answer to the interest of the economy (corporate owners). This is why wrongs against human rights are being done, and bad things happen without being stopped. 


Restructuring Institutions to Enable Elements for Freedom

Life is not by mistake, but by design. Society is a human design, thus, a failing society is a bad system design. We need to create a new social design.

As this type of centralized big governance over people is failing 90% of the global population, where unlimited quality food, education, healthcare, childcare, senior care and all sort of social service does not reach the people at the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid; it is time to restructure the governance and social relationships by offering a new society people can take part in to exercise their rights, participate in protecting and creating their wellbeing, business and social life, and have space to fulfill themselves among other members with the same interest.

The world is abundant in food, information and opportunities, but very few have access to its resources. The problem lies in distribution and personal influence. EcoSystema has solved that:



Technology connects different areas of life to one system. Community connects different people to one system.   

Personal IT-based programs and coaching, and community practice are the two major factors that will impact the future by delivering equal service to the masses, and involving the individual in their own life – as it should be.


Technology is innovations used as means for a positive end. Technology is instrumental things, concrete or abstract, that are part in creating something, or using it for something. Technology can be any sort of tool, machine, material, knowledge, program, equipment or device; such as a pencil, mobile, materials to build a road or a home, software program, solar panels, bicycle, a textbook, language, or an online platform for health and education.


Technology are “tools” to make life more efficient, simpler, healthier, independent and united. The goal is to increase living standard, resilience, and freedom.


The advances in science (knowledge), engineering and machines has got us to where we are in our modernized world. Of course, not all is good technology. Nuclear weapons, plastic bags, and gas fracking are bad technology – they do not produce a positive effect. Some technology has a good end, but bad production which may be negative on the environment, human health or social stability. Their use is not suitable, so their design must be changed or abandoned.

Technology development must be governed by ethical principles that adhere to those of EcoSystema: Value Principles under the rule of Development Principles


Positive technology will: liberate man from labor (robots and machines); produce and deliver products and services to all men and women; connect people, societies and organizations (internet, IT-devices, roads, transportation); build platforms for participatory democracy and work; develop innovations for sustainable agriculture and free renewable energy; educate and inform; support and protect the environment and ecosystems; as a few of many examples.  


Technology enables access to products and services and sharing of information, consequently solving the issue of equal distribution and utilization.


Technology that enables health, independence and unity (i.e. life and freedom) are not optional things, but necessities. Hence, ownership, production and service of those things will be in the hands of the public, for it is not a for-profit private business (money cannot be made from basic needs people and the planet depend on for survival and freedom, for that is extortion).    


Technology is the simplest way to customize and personalize service, and in some cases, eliminate the need for actual buildings as you will access a business, interest group or office by entering it online.


For example: you can have online access to healthcare and treatments from your eHealth program in your personal device at home without having to travel to a hospital office or rehabilitation center; and school classes can be taught online via a computer or a projector by a teacher connected online in places where teachers are scarce. You can learn a skill or a profession to get a job; you can manage your banking and post from the one and same device.


Unbelievable as it sounds, it is being done by billions of people every day. The aim is to liberate every person with incredible inventions that makes life easier for the single person, local and global community, as well as for the environment and all life creatures.  


To know what kind of technology that needs to be invented, we need to know the needs that are not being met. If you as a private person, business, organization or community have got needs that are not addressed, give us your Feedback so we can solve them for you. 

Or, do you have technology (the solution for a need) – Let Us Know! Connect with EcoSystema to work on co-developing and sharing information and innovations for everyone to apply and benefit from their use. Contact / Collaborate


The biggest means and resource is a united people.


– Solidarity and Mutual-aid system. 


– Lateral Power. Lateral Democracy.


Individuals coming together to co-create a social system that support every member, on fair grounds.


Community: local organization, peer-system, local democracy, recruiting. Practicing the new system of lateral power, social system.


Community: task brigade – women’s protection, child protection, work protection, environment protection.  


Community: task mobilization, organization, education, bank of ideas and knowledge, support and protection.

Community development must be governed by ethical principles that adhere to those of EcoSystema: Value Principles under the rule of Development Principles

To know the communal needs and way of practice, we need your feedback and ideas.


(meaning, how, give example)



(meaning, how, give example)

Open Source

(meaning, how, give example)


= faster solving

= standardized quality

= lateral democratic power over information and resources

Open Access

(meaning, how, give example) 

Free of charge, free and unlimited utilization.

We don’t fight the capitalist system, but we build a new system for people to transition into to make capitalism obsolete – and forever gone.

Every region of the globe is now linked more than by trade, commerce and communication, but also in terms of interactive ideas and ideals.

The ideal is to have a good life – in health, individuality and unity.

The idea is to develop the cities to make more efficient and ensure standard quality of wellbeing, opportunities and collaboration.


Development Principles

(Coming Soon)

Laws that will govern actions and projects of sustainability, health, and abundance.


  • Ethical

  • Just

  • Sustainable

  • Ecocentric 

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