A healthy person or flower is full of life


We recognize the high level of life (vitality) by a person’s or flower’s expressions and functions. A vital person can run fast as they have good functioning muscles and lungs, and a strong immune system to protect themselves from harmful things, and can as such live a long qualitative life.

A vital flower can grow big and produce colorful petals and leaves as it has good functioning floral parts, and a strong immune system to protect itself from harmful things, and can as such live a long qualitative life.  

A diseased person or flower is low on life. 

A dying person or flower is losing life.

A dead person or flower has no life.

To live a full and qualitative life, health must be great and qualitative – always. 


Health = Energy

What gives us energy and spares our energy Beauty & Health

What destroys or consumes our energy Disease & Depression


For life to go on, energy is required. We consume quality fresh foods to supply our bodies with energy-rich nutrients; we exercise and move around to activate our muscles for them to generate energy; we spend time outdoors and with friends and family to absorb oxygen, sunlight and positive emotional energy; we take time to rest to save our energy; and we sleep at night to repair and regenerate our bodies for another day of Life that requires energy from us. The body absorbs energy (+) and utilized equal amount of energy (–). There is an equal balance +/– for Life is always balanced.    

Life is energy in movement and transformation. Every thought we produce requires energy. Every action, conversation, and movement needs energy. To be able to create and live your life – you need energy to power your body and mind. Life is that simple. Energy = Life


Health = Level of energy, level of ability to exercise functions of body and mind, and engage in activities.

A life low on energy, due to disease and stress, cannot do any of this.

Health is not given but created, every day. And it takes every day to sustain and maintain good health. Besides energy, health requires time. Time to prepare food and eat, time to exercise, time to spend outdoors and with family and friends, time to rest, and time to sleep.  

A beautiful and healthy society and personal life, is energy and time efficient: it requires not much energy and time to function, provides lots of energy and time, and saves energy and time by the use of facilitating technology and distributed social tasks.


A society and life that is energy and time consuming, more than the body can generate, absorb and save, is imbalanced. Such bad society does not meet the requirements to keep a body and mind functioning, but instead becomes a source of damage.


Damage  Dysfunction  Disease

A  B  C 

Principles of Health

  • Always respect the gift of Life – of all lives

  • Respect the nature of beings: construction – function – requirements

  • Always ensure and provide for the requirements of all beings

  • All things of Nature belong to All, and access is always free

  • Always give back equally as much as you’ve taken, and never take more than you need

  • Nature or people can never be used as a resource to enrich one life over another 

  • Never be a source of damage for someone or something else

  • Never obstruct or interfere with the source of someone’s or something’s health, direct or indirect

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