Health as Development

for Development as Freedom



Crisis of Our Civilization

Our current socioeconomic system: capitalism, has extracted and exhausted the human body and mind, communities and families, as well as animal life and environment. The arrogance and immorality of this system has killed hundreds of millions, and left the rest in utter destruction, sickness and pain. Our bad actions, and inactions to prevent such happenings, have pushed our survival to near extinction. Now, as the world’s natural resources are depleted and there is a worldwide food and energy scarcity, and climate change has turned into unprecedented natural disasters very soon making planet Earth uninhabitable; change is no longer an option for discussion – but a necessity for immediate action. The Red Alarm is sounding loud as we have almost reached the point of no return to reverse climate change and mass extinction of animals and ecosystems, to save and secure current and future survival.

The situation is very real! The situation is very urgent!

The many health, societal and environmental crises that stand before us are man-made. They are the outcome of human practice and business. This implies the control is in our hands. All we need is to change the way we practice our lives: from over-production and mass-consumption, to a sustainable and holistic model that fits with our human nature and natural planet.

The new era of civilization is upon us – of abundance, equality, wellbeing and happiness for every one of us, no matter the place you live in. An era of joy, green forests and clear blue oceans, instead of today's anxiety over one’s existence, clear cut woods, killed ecosystems, polluted air and plastic-filled dead seas. […]


The Web of Life

About the interconnection and interdependence of everything, as the whole is made up by individuals, each having their requirements to function and live. Collectivism is an individual effort, and individuality is a result of cooperation. 

- System Biology

- System Culture

- System Ecology


[Complexity System]

Status Quo: Crises of the Civilization

Nearing the end where there is nothing left of Life 

– Separation: Biology – Culture – Ecology

– Destruction & Exhaustion: People – Society – Environment

– System Collapse: Disease – War – Climate Change 

> The global situation: Health, Social & Ecological Collapse

> The most ominous danger: The Marginalization and Destruction of Institutions

> This is it: Die Out or Evolve to Live      

> The need: A New Life System Coherent With Our Nature – System Biology, System Culture, System Ecology

Restructuring the System: Life-Centered. Equal. Local 

> Ecocentrism: optimizing the value of life

> Lateral-Democracy. People-Power

> Local Sovereignty and Resource-based Economy    

Common Goal for Unified Action – Personal, Local, Global

Time is Dire – Need Joint Global Action

> Global accord and synchronization from common understanding       

Health as an Imperative: Personal Cause – Systemic Effects

> Complexity System – Interlinked Life Factors that Enables Health

> How Food Connects All The Sustainable Development Goals

> Personal Crisis – Personal Will

> The Change: Personal Transformation – Diet & Lifestyle, Attitude & Perspective

Health Development → Individual Development

> Health enables the individual: wellbeing and independence

> Health Equality = Economic Equality 

> Health Literacy = Life Literacy

> Self-Governed Health = Self-Governed Life


Personal Development → Social Change

> Autonomy as Order

> Mindful living: social and business practices 

> New Culture: new life perspective – new life practice

Social Design → Ecological Design → Health

> Ecocentrism

> Health-sustaining Life Design

Conclusion: Develop – to Live and Thrive

Health as Individual Development for Unified Social and Ecological Development as Freedom

Health  Individual  Unity  Health

Health is a personal interest, a subjective cause that's participated. Health is made up by factors that interconnect every single issue; such as food and agriculture, socioeconomic system and leisure time and stress, energy and politics, environment and ecosystem diversity. 

Person-centered: self-leadership, self-governance (self-regulation and control is key for a mature and ordered society). 

Health is made up by dietary and lifestyle factors, i.e. life factors.

Self-Governed Health = Self-Governed Life

The Next Life System: EcoSystema

Regenerative Whole Systems Design: Life-Centered

Reorganizing and Restructuring to Meet Everyone’s Basic Needs: Health

Educating, Empowering, Liberating the Individual: Individuality

Connecting, Collaborating, Co-Creating: Unity


> Person-Centered

> Technology-Based

> Community-Practiced

Technology as Culture – Culture as Technology

Technology as Culture 

Technology/instrumental factors, structures and creates culture and community life (norms, behavior, habits) as it is participatory.

Culture as Technology 

Culture and community life (norms, behavior, habits) becomes an instrument for social invention (directing development of science, technology, engineering, etc.).

- Empower the individual

- Connect the people

- Synchronize hearts, minds and actions for conscious co-creation

[Full document to be published soon]  

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