How To: Establish & Implement EcoSystema


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Designing Regenerative Cultures: full guide and support on how to establish EcoSystema in your community or municipality.

Do It Yourself – Manual

Because we need a/one model to replicate worldwide, by ordinary people for a people-powered society.

People-Led Change

  • Engagement, Participation: for experience for/as conviction, consent, facts.

  • Motivation, drive, personal-will: for personal-cause

  • Local implication: better knowing of local/communal needs

  • Strengthened trust, value and confidence in the system they [people] are part in co-creating. Immediate actions: for immediate results.

  • No delay; for government/corp. initiative.

  • People-power: for true democracy.  

How To

  • Organize & Connect

  • Mobilize

  • Technology & Resources

  • Build

  • Manage

  • Sustain & Regenerate

Set-Up: "IKEA-style Manual"

For example:

  • Infrastructure

  • Energy stations

  • Mobile healthcare

  • Pop-up schools

  • City/community food gardens

  • Delivery systems

  • Educate community members (to become nurses, teachers, electricians, construction workers, etc.)

  • Culture: educate men about women, mannerism (civil conduct/self-regulation)

= Self-Sufficient Communities for Sustainability

= Autonomous People

= Order from Self-Organization 

[More To Come]

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