Individual Integrity

Every new creation is original in its way, just like the millions of snowflakes and every leaf on a tree. Differences are what forms colors and shapes of plants, flowers, animals, and humans between. No one is made identical, otherwise life would be dissolved in the same color and shape.

This individualism and uniqueness gives us self-integrity from the day we’re born. Identity and worth is not defined in relation to anyone, but your independence from others is what makes the world multifaceted; pluralistic. Variances and diversity gives contrasts for us to experience transformation and the reinvention of Life. To embrace Life is to embrace the originality of the individual. Your unique quality is what makes life special to Us. For this, respect is given to the dignity and sanctity of the individual life.  

Being an Individual

Being You: your Self

You are being a person, your own person, next to another person. What distinct you two apart is what constitutes your own individual Self.

We are by construction almost entirely identical, though we stand beside each other as different persons. Not one person is alike. Not one person has been made twice throughout the history of Life. You are as original as any other valuable person ever lived. You have your own individual thought, behavior, action, desires, preferences, and wills. By this, you create your own being. To be in this life, is to be yourself.

Being human

A human being is fundamentally a living being engaged in life from a human perspective – personal, social, and natural life.  

Being engaged in life is as simple as experiencing the world and expressing yourself. We engage in tasks and events that we care about. Care is central to our life. We tend to seek out and engage in those things we care about, i.e. those things we find interest in to keep at mind or participate in activity. What you care about, in thought and activities, is very personal to you. Whatever you think and do, will become who you are; your personality, character.  

Being a human in your own individual shape

Essentially, we are shaped by what we experience from our environment and other people; and, we shape ourselves by what we express in thoughts, words, behavior, and actions (directed to ourselves or others).

  • Experience

What we experience becomes our reality.

Nature: what Nature and Her beings express, you will experience

People: what other people express, you will experience

City/Society: urban habitat and group expressions

As every person will experience their day, and entire life, from their own point of view and location, as well as different nature and people, every person will live a different reality.

What we experience communicates with us what possibilities we have in our reality to engage in, to choose to do/act. The possibilities we observe, determine our behavior: self-expression.

  • Expression

What we express becomes our existence.

Self-creation, identity: how we structure our thoughts and words, is how we structure our behavior and actions. Since you create your own thoughts and words, you become your own self-creation. You are your own design.

If you have an ability, but don’t practice it, you will no longer keep the ability – it will no longer be a part of You. The opposite also goes: if you start practicing something you earlier couldn’t, the thing that you practice (such as speaking kindly or playing football), will be part of You. 

We are what we do:

– If you are good, but don’t practice good – then you are not a good person. 

– If you are caring, and practice caring – then you are a caring person.

Identification is what we create and express, not what we attach to – such as things, property, text, ideas, ideology, other people, etc.

A general mistake is doing what other people say; i.e. to structure our life (behavior, actions) according to someone else’s words and thoughts.

Self-fulfillment: self-fulfillment is when what we do in life (behavior, actions) corresponds to our thoughts, desires and wills. [Inner] peace and happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony; i.e. you are fulfilled. This can be as simple as desiring to eat some sweets, and doing it; or, desiring to go out for a walk, and doing it; or, desiring to study engineering, and doing it.

Individual Life is Founded On


An individual life is free from control of others. Agency means self-determination, control and influence over one’s own life. Every individual holds the power of their own life, to live a personal life. That is individual integrity.  

Agency is the self-recognition of you being an independent character, original life-form with independent will and independent power of choice to act/to do things.


Every being has its own nature of Being.

A tree is different from a human in construction, function, and requirements for it to be a tree. And trees among themselves are slightly different in construction, function, and requirements – that is why each tree is different and original in itself.

Every human being is slightly different in construction, function, and requirement for them to be Themselves. That is called individualism – personal identity.

– Body: your distinct individual character is in your individual DNA that gives you your personal eye color, finger prints, voice, length and other things. [Biology]

– Mind: your distinct individual character is in your mind’s ability to process and imagine. Think differently, vision differently, dream differently. [Psychology]

– Soul: your distinct individual character is also in your soul, that is filled with personal ambiance and essence like no other.

Despite any similarities by which people are identified as members of humankind, and despite any behavioral regularities which are involved in any personal events, individuals will always be exceptional on their own by their own nature; identity. Every human has their own values, traditions, rituals, believes, and so on. In other words, each person has their own culture and religion they identify with. This distinction makes each person a subject, not an object. An individual is not something of a replica of a material construction, but an individual is mostly a self-created (non-material) somebody who hold subjective (personal) likings/disliking, desires, wills, skills, traits, talents, and so forth. For example, you cannot explain who your friend is without describing their exceptional nature/identity that distinct that friend from other people.


The entire Life rest on the axiom: one thing is not another thing. Especially, one Self is not another Self. My good is my good, and your good is yours. My interest and will, are my interest and will; and, your interest and will are yours. My thoughts in my head are mine, and your thoughts are yours. I cannot voice my thoughts in your head, for it is not my head to fill and dominate.

Right to privacy means right to be yourself – from other people and their voices and wills. Privacy is the act of respect for a person’s Self-integrity; that you are original and autonomous as any other form of life. Privacy is the state of being apart from company when desired, and being apart from observation of any being – close family, friends, neighbors or the government. Privacy is the space to be yourself, without judgement or questioning. It is the time of personal retreat, of thoughts or activities, where one enjoys the company of oneself – in solitude. It is the time of self-fulfillment, self-development, and self-company.

To be private, does not mean to exclude information that is of importance to other persons, only that one care to be oneself only by oneself. To lead a private life, free from observation and regulation, you are required to be self-aware and self-regulating if thoughts or actions were to become injure-causing to other beings. Your privacy dissolves in that moment where intentions of harmful nature are revealed to be true, based on great evidence of such, but never ahead.


Authenticity is to live a life true to your own nature (identity: body–mind–soul), regardless of what era or place in the world you find yourself in, and regardless to what cultural and religious predetermined business and manner demanding of you. 

Authenticity means you self-determine your own life by considering all possibilities in life to shape your own existence. To live an authentic life, you must be engaged in your own thoughts to learn what you care for, and examine the world/reality that you are exposed to, to learn whether or not they help you to live a life you care to live. To be authentic is to fully be your own – to live a life of your own.   

Non-human individuals

It is not only human animals who have personalities, unique traits and skills that distinct themselves from other of the same kind. Other animals and plants are just like us: within group, constructed near identical (biologically) but every subject/person are exceptional in their own creation by their own nature – of liking/disliking, desires, traits, wills, and so forth. That is why every dog or cat have different personalities, and we can tell them apart even if two dogs looked alike. Dogs and cats are two species we have close enough interaction with to observe and learn their personality traits, and even develop compassion to from empathy (empathy: understanding from recognition of similarities between you and another individual). Since we don’t have close relationship to most other animals, or plants, we tend to draw the conclusion that they all are the same by same construction. We fail to observe personality traits, and we thus fail to give respect to each individual life and only treat them as an object (one of many of the same “things”). This disrespect is a great injustice. Discriminatory and aggressive, as living beings are perceived as objects (material things) and not as original forms of life.

The Nature of Humans


Construction: Body – Mind – Soul 

Function/Purpose: being human

> Experience: what you Take In (influx), use our senses, body, mind and emotions to observe everything that fills our space, feed and nurture our inside from the outside. 

> Expression: what you Give Out (out-flux), to express ourselves with our body, mind emotions. 

It pains us to not use our legs, as it is in our nature to move our bodies.

It pains us not to speak a word, as it is in our nature to use our voice.

It pains us not to use our minds, as it is in our nature to be curious (searching for understanding) and creative (inventive for development).

It pains us not to be outdoors or among people, as it is in our nature to be in nature and social.

It pains us not to love, as it is in our nature to care and be cared for.

= Pain is a communicator between the body and mind and soul that the function abnormal, unfulfilling or injure-causing. Pain communicates wrong; dysfunction. 

Something is done wrong, for the effect is not natural (positive and true) to our human being. 

Requirement: Health. Time. Energy. Nature. Flexibility & Mobility. Family, Friends and Community. 

Principles of Individuality

  • Give respect to each individual life, human and non-human, and receive respect to your individual life

  • Don’t obstruct or destruct another beings’ individual life, founded on agency, identity, privacy, and authenticity 

  • Never be the source of someone’s bad/negative experience

  • Never hinder or limit someone’s self-expressions

>> Enabling Factors: for individuality

Factors for autonomy: self-leadership, self-regulation and self-determination. 

Health: health is both an instrument and an end in itself. With poor health, thinking and caring for oneself and others cannot be done. Health is a foremost requirement for individual life.


Democracy: equal space for equal influence.


Co-Operation and Respect: collaboration liberates time and energy for you to have space for a personal life instead of doing all work singlehandedly, in a system of solidarity and mutual-aid.  


Education: knowledge-base, of language, science, emotions, social and technical skills.


Critical Thinking: individual thought and judgement for an autonomous life.


Moral Judgement: to distinct right from wrong. Morals govern reason and action. 

>> Instrumental Factors/Elements

Language: verbal and written communication


Knowledge base/Literacy: Health Literacy, Self Literacy, Ecologic Literacy


Cognitive ability: to organize information and thoughts


Emotional ability: to express and read emotional communication


Social organization: space and mobility for experiences and expressions 

Educational System

Instrumental things need to be practiced, not only read about.

Logic + Emotion + Learning.

The educational system will be transformed to match the way people, children and adults, learn. Contextual learning, and practical learning is more efficient, simpler and long-lasting.

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Social System

Society is a means for individuality; the individual is not a means for society. Your life is not a tool to fulfill the majority, for that would be oppression. A social system is liberal, and based on your free will to participate.

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