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We are all members of this planet Earth, we are Earthlings. All members are independent by their original creation, and all are connected to the same global [eco]system that enables our lives. 

In this democratic system, each member rule over themselves.

You are your own leader over your own life – to care, create and fulfill yourself next to another member with the same interest.

EcoSystemaProfile is the instrument for you to exercise your freedom, and human and democratic rights. Real praxis of The New Life System centered around every life.

Implementing Life


System Biology for Health

System Culture for Individuality

System Ecology for Unity

Life is personal and local – genetically, lifestyle wayly, geographically.  


Personalized, equal, simplified and mobile.

e = Electronic, online access via a smartphone, tablet or computer device.   

eHealth = electronic Healthcare  –or–  eEducation = electronic Education  

All democratic institutions and social services are technology-based for:

  • Standardized quality: equal system and service for everyone, always.

  • Personalized service: a personal eProfile is adapted around you and your personal needs, life- and environmental factors that have impact on you specifically. User control enables more control over yourself.

  • Access and Affordability: full access. Accessible from wherever you are, and free to all.

  • Simplification: collected, organized, and easy to use. 


Complements eServices with real practice.

Practical service is personalized according to your profile. No need of a mediator or administration. 


To make life simpler, efficient, accessible, and of high standard – for all, everywhere. Empower the individual. Facilitate relationships. Connect the world. 

Profile In this platform You will 


Organize all matters in your life under the same roof to live simpler. 

“Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.”

Control & Manage

No one knows better about yourself than you do – your needs, abilities, likes and dislikes. Independence in other words is autonomy. Independence means not detachment from your community, but freedom to self-determine and lead your own life that is personal to you. The elements for independence are: information, education, health, mobility, communication, influence and participation.  

Self-control = Self-authority = Autonomy

  • Self-governance: control and manage your health and life factors, with full support where and when support is needed. Control the outcome/effect by governing the factors/causes.

  • Self-leadership: only you decide for yourself, as you have a free [independent] will and freedom of choice. Therefore, to make good decisions you must know what lies in your best interest, your rights, and what means to use to support your needs. Information, education and guidance is provided to support you becoming empowered and certain in yourself.

  • Self-regulate: actions, behavior, words – to be your best, and to do the best. Self-regulation comes from self-awareness, own will and better knowing, not by force (police, government agencies, military, etc.). 


Participate in the creation of your own life, as well as in your local system (community) that enables you to become an independent and free person to live a healthy and fulfilling life according to your dreams and desires.  

Co-create. Co-operate. Co-use and Share.

  • Co-governance: shared ownership over public resources and shared control of your local home/community.


Make Use of a Free and Open Society

– Information

– Healthcare

– Education

– Community Governance

– Media & News

– Other resources


Connect with other people; local or global.

Connect with institutions, businesses and organizations; local or global.

There are no boundaries. Every connection is a relationship. You decide with whom to network with.

Your life is personal, and is developed around you. This is the way to organize a person-centered life with direct connection to other units.

Note: Access to private information is done only with your permission, according to strict privacy rules and security programs.

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