Unity by Same Origin

Like the yellow star of ours named the Sun, we are all made of star stuff (universal materials and ingredients for construction). And all life on this blue planet named Earth, lives and basks under the yellow star. We are united under the same yellow Sun. Without the warmth of the Sun, nobody and nothing would exist. The Sun is the source of our existence; from the very first life, history life, to present life. There is no other source of life, and the Sun is only one and the same for all. We are all united under the same source of Life – the Sun.

The Nature of Life

Construction: universal materials, of natural origin (biology, chemistry, physics)


Function: being you, whatever You are

Requirements: basic needs for survival, requirements to continue existing


Life is made up by various different things – living beings (like animals and plants) and non-living things (such as rock minerals and air). Everything and everyone has their special place in this shared space on this one and only planet under the Sun. The air is special in its construction, which gives it its (gas) function to be the air that surrounds us. The trees are special in their construction, which gives them their (floral) functions to be plants. Animals, including us humans, are special in our construction that gives us our typical functions to be human beings.

What connects us all -air, plants, animals- are the universal materials that construct our bodies. All materials origin from the great Universe, and were once materials of old stars: iron, sulfur, oxygen, hydrogen, etc. Various combinations of the original materials create various constructions. 

The iron (mineral) and oxygen (gas) in your blood is derived by the iron from the vegetable/plant you ate that grew in mineral-rich soil, and the oxygen is from the air you breathed in which was produced by the trees. We are all constructed by the same universal materials, and we all sustain each other’s lives by circulating the universal materials in a system of shared wealth to enable Life to continue forever. We are all the same, just in different shapes and forms.

Planet Earth is just One system. It is a large system of many various things that participates in the making of this One living planet. There is no division or separation in this One system; there is no left side/west, or right side/east. The planet is circular – it encircles all. Hence, we are all interconnected and interdependent in this web of life, and circle of life that renews itself from the same materials as living beings die and other get born every single day. We are all united by the same origin: planet Earth of the solar system in Universe. We are all members of Earth who participate in this system; coming together in Unity – Community.

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